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The team consists of more than 10 years of work experience: risk management division, retired criminal police, retired scout, network security experts, senior lawyers, economists, and intelligence analysts.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence, as a management concept, penetrates deeply and penetrates into all walks of life. It is an integral part of all kinds of management work, and it is particularly prominent in strategic management and national macro management. The essential connotation of intelligence includes the requirement of competition.
The development of competitive intelligence is the inevitable result of the development of information science, which highlights the application value of intelligence and realizes the indomitable role of intelligence work.
Competitive intelligence is information and research about the competitive environment, competitors, and competitive strategies. It is both a process (collection and analysis of competitive intelligence) and a product (analysis of intelligence or strategy ). The most important thing is: to be able to grasp the difference between data, information and intelligence when understanding and executing, and not to confuse them. Data is the basic raw material for understanding competitors. It is statistics, news, rumors , observations, etc. that have not been processed by information ; information is data after sorting, it is the product of a certain processing process, and it is brain thinking activities to state the objective and subjective thinking things sports events portrayed bear fruit; and intelligence is the use of knowledge, is to provide information to decision makers and to influence decision-making knowledge.