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The team consists of more than 10 years of work experience: risk management division, retired criminal police, retired scout, network security experts, senior lawyers, economists, and intelligence analysts.

Overseas business account collection

The vision and business landscape of Chinese entrepreneurs have shifted from mainland China to globalization, and they have entered the international business field. Various countries, regions, races, industries, business groups, and organizations have different trade risks and different business traps and frauds. The causes of international business accounts are strange, dazzling, and unpredictable.

How to effectively monitor, identify and prevent international trade risks with business intelligence, and how to conduct effective risk remediation through professional, legal, and compliant international business account collections is a must-have for Chinese cross-border business owners. From intelligence monitoring, risk identification and prevention to the acceptance, collection, and aftermath of international commercial accounting cases that have occurred, it provides comprehensive overseas risk escort for Chinese cross-border enterprises.

We have a professional, fast, and experienced international business account management team, security team, business intelligence team, and risk control team. The team is mainly composed of senior professionals in the law, bodyguards, outstanding military veterans, international finance, finance, and international trade. Internal coordinated action. Externally, we have long-term cooperation with hundreds of credit asset management institutions, trade organizations and other different industry institutions around the world. The collection network has covered more than 200 countries and regions in the world, providing convenient, fast and effective for Chinese entrepreneurs to recover the maliciously owed export payment Supported by the localized transnational intelligence collection network. With the increasing frequency of business in the international market, companies are encountering more and more cases of defaulting or defaulting on accounts. Due to different legal provisions in various regions, lack of understanding of local business practices, communication and language barriers, and different time zones, time differences are caused. , There is no local agency or agency, and cultural backgrounds are different, making it difficult for enterprises of various sizes in mainland China to use the most effective method to collect collections, resulting in half the effort and deepening of losses. The global account recovery service network has global partners, professional and high-quality account management consultants and cooperative lawyers all over the world, no matter where you do business in the world, you can provide you with reliable solutions.

Overseas business account collection business process:

Customers can directly contact us and submit cases, or through our company's partner agencies. After we receive the relevant materials (relevant contracts, invoices, bills of lading, customs declarations, packing lists, arbitration, litigation judgments, trade correspondence, case descriptions, etc.), we will conduct a preliminary trial of the case. If further information is needed, we will promptly Notify the customer. After reviewing the case information, we provide customers with the "Commercial Account Collection Authorization Letter" and "Member Commission Schedule" based on the location of the case, the age of the account, and the amount of debt, and the commission rate is specified in this document.

After the customer accepts the commission rate, we will sign the "Commercial Account Collection Authorization Letter" and the "Commercial Account Management Service Agreement" with the customer according to the customer's choice. After the customer signs and seals, we will send back two originals in Chinese, and the Chinese agreement will be signed by both parties Effective after being stamped.

After the "Commercial Account Collection Authorization Letter" comes into effect, we will immediately formulate action plans, emergency plans, launch collection actions, and maintain close communication with customers at any time, and regularly provide customers with "collection progress reports" so that customers can understand the collection in a timely manner progress. When the general recovery method fails to be effective, we will conduct research based on the actual situation. If we believe that litigation and bankruptcy services are feasible, we will make recommendations to the customer after determining the cost. We have not received written confirmation from the customer, commissions and fees There will be no change. If the debtor directly remits the arrears to the customer, we will promptly contact the customer to confirm, and send the "Receipt Notice" to the customer, and collect the corresponding commission and fees. If we receive the recovered payment from the debtor or the collection channel, we will promptly send the "Recovery Notice" to the customer, and after deducting the corresponding commission and fees, we will remit the recovered payment to the customer as soon as possible. In the case where the debtor pays off the debt or we believe that the case is irretrievable, we will send the "Case Closing Notice" to the customer.