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Crisis PR

Crisis public relations: refers to the relevant mechanism to deal with crises, it is unexpected, focused, destructive and urgency.
Chinese name: Crisis PR
characteristics: accidental, focus, destructive, the urgency of the
job can be: brand maintenance, product marketing, word of mouth maintenance

Principles: to ensure timely information, to ensure the audience's right to know, etc.

Definition: Public relations is a management function that formulates policies and procedures to gain public understanding and acceptance. Crisis public relations specifically refers to an organization or enterprise to avoid or mitigate serious damage and threats caused by a crisis, so as to learn, formulate and implement a series of management measures and response strategies in an organized and planned manner, including crisis avoidance, control, The dynamic process of continuous learning and adaptation, such as resolution and rejuvenation after crisis resolution. Crisis public relations play an important role for countries, enterprises, companies, associations, and individuals.