Professional service team, reliable and trustworthy
The team consists of more than 10 years of work experience: risk management division, retired criminal police, retired scout, network security experts, senior lawyers, economists, and intelligence analysts.

legal service

1. Answering legal consultations, providing suggestions and issuing legal opinions according to law
2. Assisting in drafting, formulating, reviewing or modifying legal documents such as contracts and articles of association
3. Participating in consultations, negotiations, and conducting legal analysis and demonstration at the request of clients
4. Entrusted by the client to sign, serve, and receive legal documents
5. Upon request, conduct legal argumentation, propose solutions, issue letters of negotiation, or participate in non-litigation negotiations and coordination regarding disputes that the client has, faced, or may have , Mediation
6. Teaching legal practice knowledge
at the request of customers 7. Monitoring the issuance and revision of laws and regulations related to customers at the request of customers
8. Acting as an agent in litigation, mediation or arbitration activities
9. Helping corporate customers to establish and improve various rules and regulations
10 , Assist corporate clients to establish legal service agencies, conduct legal training and legal publicity
11. Handle other legal affairs agreed upon by both parties