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Company Profile

After 20 years of all-round baptism, Shenzhou Jintai International Business Investigation has accumulated abundant business investigation contacts and business scope all over the world. We have been working hard to provide high-quality commercial investigation and detective services to global customers: corporate credit investigation, business risk control, threat risk assessment, commercial fraud investigation, network investigation, business intelligence collection, bodyguards, security guards, overseas business account collection, Intellectual property protection, black gold acceptance investigation, due diligence, commercial bribery investigation, background investigation. With our years of professional investigation experience, we provide customers with comprehensive case analysis, in-depth background investigation reports, and rigorous solutions to reduce customers' various potential crises and risks.

◆Power honors: SCIP Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Member, SCIC China Competitive Intelligence Branch Member, CICI China Competitive Intelligence Research Institute Member, Asia-Europe Entrepreneur Alliance Member, 2019 Miss World Contest designated security unit, "Model China" fashion international elite The designated security unit and security guard instructor of the Supermodel Contest-Xu Yong won the 2018 World Bodyguard Competition in Georgia.
◆Main business: special person, in-depth investigation of incidents, public opinion hotspot investigation and monitoring, competitor's hole card investigation, commercial fraud investigation, in-depth investigation of debtors' economic disputes, debtor's whereabouts monitoring, in-depth exploration of hidden property, in-depth investigation and evidence collection of debtors' complex relationships, and Lai Lai's speech attitude Excavation investigation, business investigation service for finding people in the United States.

◆Geographical scope: Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States, Canadian debtor tracking and monitoring investigations.
◆Team features: retired scout team operations, retired criminal police, computer experts, business intelligence analysts, risk control experts, senior detectives, and professional bodyguards to jointly handle cases.
◆Unique investigation methods: real-time investigation, real-time information, on-site confirmation, international standards, all-round investigation.

Many clients investigated by Shenzhou Jintai International Business are from corporate departments, social organizations, company full-time legal consultants, human resources departments, and corporate internal supervision departments. The investigation results of Shenzhou Jintai International Business are usually used for internal disciplinary review of the company, possible civil litigation or potential criminal charges.